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Springtime is for homebuyers!

Springtime is for homebuyers!

Sharing information is the key to success in our industry so the Charter Title & Escrow team is excited to connect with you each month through your inbox. We’ll be celebrating our great clients across the state of Nebraska, sharing marketing tips, and including local or industry news we think you’ll find helpful and interesting.

Since spring has sprung, we’d like to talk about the housing market. For many millennial homebuyers, 2022 is the year they’ll finally be ready for the home of their dreams. Helping them navigate this unique and interesting market is the top priority.

This recent article from got us thinking about three ways our Realtor friends can help their clients keep their sunny outlook during their home buying journey.

  • Encourage open-mindedness. Inventory is at a historic low. Your clients’ “perfect home” is likely to see prices driven up by fierce competition. Be their guide, and help them see where compromise is appropriate, whether it’s flexibility on location, features, or fixable cosmetic issues.
  • Get them pre-approved. Stress to your buyers how important it is to be ready to act when it’s time to make an offer. Pre-approval just might be the difference between landing their perfect home or being left in the dust once the paperwork is finalized.
  • Set realistic expectations. With prices going up and options limited, you’ve probably already had frustrating experiences with reverse pricing and “bargain basement” strategies. As you know, if the cost is too good to be true, it probably is. Better to prepare your buyers for this on the front end.

As hard as you work for your clients, you deserve a closing team that has your back. With over a century of title and real estate experience, the Charter Title & Escrow team is here to make the process as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Contact us today!

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