Our Services

Our Services


Throughout our residential closing process, we will be in your corner from the title order to the signing table. We have the best interest of each party in mind, and provide safe, secure transactions. Our processes are transparent, and we are open to any questions. As the experienced, professional title choice throughout Nebraska, excellent service is our mission…every time.


We provide personalized solutions for commercial agents, lenders and investors when it’s time to close on your most recent transaction. Our experience and knowledge in commercial transactions enables us to close each deal with precision and personal attention. Choosing Charter Title means a streamlined, stress-free transaction for your commercial deals.

Realtor Resources

You deserve a closing partner who shares the same commitment to your clients that you have. As the team that has your back, our goal is to make your job easier. You can rely on us for all that your buyers or sellers need – and the resources you need – to ensure that your transactions are completed hassle-free.

1031 Exchange

We understand that your investments are crucial to your long-term financial goals, and you want to maximize the dollars you’ve poured in. Through VRB Exchange, we are prepared to help facilitate and support everything from simple exchanges to the most intricate and demanding transactions.