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Residential Services

Open the Door to Your Dream Home!

Buying your home is often the largest purchase you will ever make, and we have your best interest in mind with every transaction. With over 100 years of title and residential experience and our offices located throughout Nebraska, we are where you need us to be. Whether you are a lender, seller, agent, buyer or seller, our title professionals can close any residential closing through our attention to detail and consistent communication. Should issues arise, we are problem solvers and here to help. When it comes to your closing celebration, we will be right beside you, cheering you on to your new home.
Under Contract
Title Search and Examination
Document Processing
Closing the Transaction
Post Closing Procedures
The first step! A sales contract is signed by the buyer and seller and delivered to the closing agent, usually with a deposit check. The escrow is accepted typically at a title company given the safety, security and neutrality offered. Next, a title order is opened and this involves researching the chain of title, and collecting tax information, loan payoffs, homeowner/maintenance fees, inspections/reports, hazard and other insurances, as well as legal papers.
Records searched include public records, deeds, mortgages, paving assessments, liens and other documents affecting title to the property. A critical step, this is when verification of the legal owner is made and the debts owed against the property are determined. Upon completion, a title commitment/ preliminary report is prepared, reviewed and sent out to interested parties.
The closing agent, in conjunction with the title company, will now review the new lender’s instructions and requirements, key instructions from other parties to the transaction, real estate and loan documents, charges. The title agency will prepare all closing statements and schedule the closing.
Almost there! The closing is overseen by the title company and entails that the seller, the buyer, real estate agents, and sometimes attorneys are present to sign critical documents. In some instances, the closing can be conducted electronically via our e-signature platform.
After the signing has been completed, the title company will follow the terms of the contract and the lender instructions to disburse all funds. The transaction documents are recorded in the county in which the property is located. Title insurance policies are prepared and sent to the new lender and to the buyer.

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