Three ways to make sure your listing photos shine

Real estate photography has always been important, but it’s even more vital in the digital age. Consider this stat: potential homebuyers spend 60 percent of their time looking at a home’s photographs– compared to 20 percent of it reading the listing description. The bottom line is that great photos can increase traffic to your home virtually and in person.

That’s why when we saw this article all about what professional photographers wished the rest of us knew about their craft, we had to come up with our own tip list for anyone looking to sharpen their photography skills.

Equipment and practice matter. You can use your phone; just make sure you use it to the best of its capability. Why? If your pictures are blurry or pixelated due to poor quality camera equipment or lack of photographer skill, they will be noticed for all the wrong reasons. Don’t forget that even with the best shots, editing can make or break an image. Professional software like Photoshop can enhance photographs, ensuring they look their best in every way.

Spotless presentation is key. Good photos will bring everything into focus – including what you don’t want seen. This includes a seller’s personal treasures, a stray stain on the carpet or something else just being a little off. Why is it important to give potential buyers a blank slate? You want them to visualize their own stuff being in the space.

Do one last walkthrough before you start. A final sweep will ensure everything is in order and how you want it. Pay attention to features you want to make sure look good. One piece of related advice: as you go room to room, review your photos to see if anything out of the ordinary is catching your eye. You can always shoot that room again.

Real estate photography is a fine blend of art and strategy—it demands more than just pressing the shutter; it requires the right equipment, a decluttered space, meticulous attention to detail, and timing that showcases the property in its utmost glory. We know we work with some of Nebraska’s best real estate professionals, and the Charter Title team always wants our friends to be cast in the best light.

When you’re ready to work with a title and closing provider that will make you look as good as your new listing photos, you know you can turn to use. Reach out to your local Charter Title office anytime!